Land Use & Entitlements

The law firm offers lawyers with experience in land use, zoning and entitlements.   This group represents businesses, individuals and municipalities addressing a variety of legal regulations governing the use of real estate.  Their work ranges from consultation to representation before government bodies to regulatory based litigation.


The law firm’s land use team has significant experience in representing businesses in a wide variety of matters including:

  • Urban Planning Regulations and Restrictions
  • Real Estate Zoning
  • Real Estate Entitlements, including CID, TDD, TIF and Star Bonds
  • Land Use Permitting
  • Land Use Licensing and Leases
  • Business Permitting and Licensing
  • Environmental Restrictions
  • Municipal Law
  • State, County, Municipal and Local Governments
  • Public Hearing Appearances
  • Land Use Litigation


Our land use attorneys have significant experience in addressing a wide variety of land use issues:


Significant accomplishments on matters handled by our land use attorneys include:

  • Obtained special use permit for in-fill assisted living facility amid significant neighborhood concerns
  • Received zoning and Kansas STAR bond entitlement for significant mixed use development (office, hotel, retail and specialized museum).
  • Obtained initial tax increment financing benefits for mixed use (residential over retail) development in historic downtown.
  • Successfully navigated approval of amendments to local government ordinances and codes to facilitate high quality development of renewable energy project.
  • Acquired city approval of significant amendments to rescue and preserve tax increment financing, transportation development district funding of historic preservation efforts.
  • Gained approval of high quality apartment complexes in multiple locations
  • Successfully obtained support of neighbors for redevelopment of big box grocery store site into indoor, climate-controlled self-storage facility.
  • Represented development team to obtain necessary development incentives for difficult development site in growing suburban location.
  • Represented clients in DOJ action against multifamily building owners, developers and builders regarding ADA standards for accessible design.
  • Represented client in environmental case regarding underground storage tanks.
  • Assisted clients regarding environment restrictions in brownfield transactions including acquisitions, financing and remediation.
  • Represented client in wind turbine and solar project licensing and permitting projects.