Mergers & Acquisitions

The law firm offers a seasoned team of attorneys representing clients in merger and acquisition transactions.  This group has assisted in transactions ranging from $3M to in those in excess of $500M.  We represent both buyers and sellers.  Our work extends to finance arrangements supporting business transactions.  We also leverage our experience with laws and regulations governing specific sectors to assist in mergers and transactions within the sectors – including mergers and acquisition work for renewable energy companies, higher education institutions, environment impacting companies, and payments and prepaid card companies.


Our mergers and acquisition group has significant experience in representing businesses, in a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Investment Banker or Business Broker Contracts
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Stock Sales
  • Asset Sales
  • Reorganizations
  • Re-Domestication of Entities
  • Earn-Outs
  • Hold Backs
  • Exchanged Covenants
  • Included Employment Agreements
  • Debt Financing for Acquisitions
  • Secured Lending Transactions
  • Non-Public Equity Financing for Business Transactions
  • Private Placement Memoranda

The group’s range extends to addressing the impact of specific laws and administrative regulations upon mergers and acquisitions in certain highly regulated sectors, including:

  • Impact of renewable energy regulations upon transactions by renewable energy companies
  • Renewable energy related permitting
  • Impact of environment laws upon transactions
  • Impact of higher education regulations upon M&A transactions by higher education institutions
  • Impact of unclaimed property laws upon delegated liabilities
  • Impact of regulations upon transfers of payment instruments and prepaid card portfolios
  • Impact of ERISA upon transactions
  • Impact of employment laws upon transactions


For each merger and acquisition transaction, a team of lawyers will be assembled from the attorneys working in our mergers and acquisition group:


  • Business Law
  • Corporations & Business Organizations
  • Environment Law
  • Employment Benefits & ERISA
  • Employment Law
  • Energy Law
  • Payment Instruments and Prepaid Cards